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It is in Sicily, a place kissed by the sun, cradle of civilizations and millenary traditions, in a flourishing geographical position, between the slopes of Etna and the vast plain of Catania, that the company was born in the last quarter of the 20th century. Preserves Accounts. The strength of our company are the vegetables, fruits and aromas of the land of Sicily, which are wisely chosen on the fields, fresh in season, selected and then transformed into precious and superb delicacies. We handcraft the Nocellara dell'Etna green olives in brine, whole or crushed. The company chooses simple aromas and spices, which are used daily in traditional Mediterranean cuisine.
The ability to constantly monitor production in all its phases allows us to give the customer the best that nature offers in the different seasons, without the use of preservatives, trying to satisfy even the most difficult requests.

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